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1. Gift Wrapping

Create personalized labels for gifts by selecting “Gifts & Entertaining” in Brother’s P-touch Design&Print 2 app.

2. Year-End cleaning

Create labels using the "Storage" label templates in Brother’s P-touch Design&Print 2 app to organise homes and offices.

Photoshot - Kitchen-10A

Labels are great for identifying contents of boxes quickly without having to open them.

Photoshot - Kitchen-45A

Identify contents of baskets instantly with label tags.

Photoshot - Kitchen-46A

Emoji labels are great for organizing stationery items for instant identification and quicker access.

Photoshot - Kitchen-47A

Select “Clipart” and “Closets / Storage” to create labels for closet.


Use “Home” clipart to create labels for miscellaneous items such as batteries, medicines, and masks.


Use different family emojis to identify family members’ items.


Create unique labels with a variety of emojis.

3. Wedding Party

Leave a good impression on your guests at a Wedding party with gifts, flower bouquets, and invitation cards decorated with classy labels and ribbons.


Share content via “Share Label” function*

Share wedding contents via QR code labels created using the “Share Label” function in Brother’s P-touch Design&Print 2 app. Guests can view the wedding photos and videos by scanning the QR code from their smartphones.

*“Share Label” function is exclusive for PT-P710BT only.


Allow guests to access the P-touch Cube label printers placed at the Wedding reception to print and leave their personalized message labels on the Wedding guest book.


Labels and ribbons are ideal for any occasion and celebration.

4. P-touch Cube, a Perfect companion

With a wide selection of durable laminated labels and ribbons to choose from, unleash your creativity with P-touch Cube label printer. Use labels to identify items at home, office, school, shop, and any other venues. Add a personal touch with uniquely created labels or stylish ribbons on gifts to make them stand out from the rest on special occasions.

With Brother’s P-touch Design&Print 2 app that works with AndroidTM and Apple iOS® smart devices, choose from a collection of fonts, designs, and label materials to create labels. This app can even provide a preview of the label before print.

P-touch Cube label printer is a perfect companion that can add an extra flair to homes and offices.


TZe-335 12mm White on Black Laminated Tape

PT Home_138

TZe-FA3 12mm Blue on White Fabric Tape

5. Personalised Valentine's Day gifts

Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day memory with unique and personalised labels or ribbons. Use “Gifts & Entertaining” templates to create labels and ribbons quickly. Select from a variety of tapes colours ranging from Black on Pink Hearts, Black on Gingham, White on Berry Pink, Gold on Premium White, White on Premium Silver, or Black on Premium Gold that will add to a stylish finishing on gifts.

Convey love messages in Black on White, Gold on White, Gold on Pink, Gold on Wine Red, or Gold on Navy Blue stylish colour ribbons for floral bouquets and gifts.


Use ribbons in 12mm or 24mm widths to add to the luxurious finishing on gifts.

Photoshot - Kitchen-48A
6. Fabric tapes

Use Fabric tapes in various colours to identify uniforms, sports attire, socks, bags, and any other fabric items.

PT Home_144

Set the temperature on the iron ranging from 160°C to 180°C. Smoothen the fabric to prevent any wrinkles before ironing. Place a fabric tape over the fabric. Place a cloth over the fabric tape and iron firmly on the entire layer for about 15 to 30 seconds. Repeat about 2 – 3 times till the fabric tape stay intact.

Fabric tapes can withstand frequent washing and drying if they are not tampered with.

a) TZe-FA3: 12mm Blue on White Fabric tape

b) TZe-FAE3: 12mm Blue on Pink Fabric tape

c) TZe-FA53: 12mm Blue on Blue Fabric tape

d) TZe-FA63: 12mm Blue on Yellow Fabric tape

7. Workplace Safe Management measures

Incorporate safe measurement measures to manage the Pandemic and the new normal with clear communication through signages and labelling.

Print labels with guidelines to maintain good personal hygiene especially after coming in contact with high touchpoints such as lift buttons and handrails etc. Label electrical switches for faster access and limit the exposure of pressing on the wrong switch.



Affix labels with text and pictograms on hand sanitizers and disinfecting liquid for easy identification and correct usage.

Photoshot - Kitchen-31A

Select “Clipart”. Scroll and select a suitable Emoji to insert on the labels.

Photoshot - Kitchen-51A-52A

Food Labelling

Use labels to highlight contents and effectively keep track of the ingredients’ shelf life using use-by/best before dates labels.

Photoshot - Kitchen-54A-new

Personal belongings labelling

Label personal belongings stored in common areas such as offices and schools etc to prevent loss, for better visibility, and to limit the exposure on touching on the wrong items.

Photoshot - Kitchen-55B

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