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Broaden labelling possibilities

Create labels of up to 24mm wide and with greater design possibilities and applications.


“Scan Text” function*

The convenient "Scan Text” function* allows the automatic conversion of characters from an image into text. This will save on the trouble of manually typing in the text from address labels, business cards, or letters.

Recommended labels

  • Address labels
  • Duplicating existing labels

*”Scan Text” function is exclusive for PT-P710BT only.


Translate over 100 languages in an instant*

Translate text from various languages into your preferred language for printing. Support over 100 languages. Multiple languages can be printed on a single wide label.

Recommended labels

  • Information labels for retail stores and restaurants
  • Equipment instruction labels

*”Translate” function is exclusive for PT-P710BT only.

Photoshot - Share Label-20A-v2

Share Label design easily

Share label designs via emails or Cloud which allows quick access from anywhere in the world.

Recommended labels

  • Asset management labels
  • Product labels

Automatic label cutter

The built-in automatic label cutter allows hassle-free printing and cutting of multiple labels.


Rechargeable Li-ion battery

Conveniently take this portable label printer wherever you need it and simply recharge it when required.*

* USB-AC adapter not included.


Connect and create with your PC

Download P-touch Editor software on your PC to create labels or link to a database software such as Excel®.

More information on P-touch Editor software


Share QR code label via “Share Label” function*

Effortlessly share information with anyone anytime. Simply select the "Share Label" function* to generate a QR code label (For 18, 24mm wide tapes only). It will link to an instruction page of a product on a website when anyone scans the QR code.

*"Share Label" function is exclusive for PT-P710BT only.

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Print labels of up to 12mm in width

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