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Life is better with a label printer

Simplify, identify, and beautify your life with Brother's P-touch Cube label printers. Labelling things in an office, shop, or home has never been easier and quicker with more fun.


Design and print from smartphone

Effortlessly create and print labels from the templates in Brother’s P-touch Design&Print 2 app with a smartphone quickly.


Get fancy with label customisation

Create labels that reflect your style to stand out. Get creative with a wide array of styles, fonts, graphics, and tape types to choose from Brother’s P-touch Design&Print 2 app.


Label your world

With various design customisation options, Brother's genuine label consumables are incredibly durable and versatile which allows labelling of almost any items at home or office.


Label creation on-the-go

With label creation done via Brother’s P-touch Design&Print 2 app, design and save labels created anytime, anywhere.


Connectivity made easy

Simply follow the quick and easy on-screen guidance in Brother’s P-touch Design&Print 2 app to establish a Bluetooth connection with a smartphone and P-touch Cube label printer. Brother’s PT-P710BT Cube label printers also allow the connection to a PC system via a USB cable.


P-touch Design&Print 2



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