Local History & Legacy

With a rich history spanning more than a century, Brother has grown from humble beginnings into a diversified multinational corporation. While its technology and business activities have evolved over time, a foundation of strong leadership and product innovation has remained a constant throughout Brother's history and remains just as important today as it was in 1908.


Brother sets up its Philippines office

Brother International Philippines Corp. started in the year 2000 under the leadership of General Manager Mr. Takatoshi Kawakami. Despite the challenges faced in the beginning, Brother Philippines was able to gather a pool of six master dealers for IT & Home Office: Proton Microsystems, Inc., Solid Business Machines Center, Office Warehouse, Inc., Business Machines Corp., Nexus Technologies, Inc., and Kimura Chaves Enterprise, Inc.
With the innovative idea of turning the fax machine into a printer, and the winning strategy of being present in IT stores, Brother’s printers were able to penetrate the Philippine IT industry.
Brother was already starting to be known in the market as well because of product awards and various promotions such as the Trade-in Madness, which is the most-awaited promotion by Brother users until today. Moreover, Brother was able to create a corporate group that specifically handles corporate clients.


Brother sets up it's provincial office's in the Philippines

From 2005 until 2012, Brother continued its efforts to reach more parts of the Philippines. Extension offices were opened in Cebu (2005), Davao (2008), Cagayan de Oro (2009), Naga (2010) and Angeles (2012). With this expansion came product innovation. Brother introduced high speed models, Multi-Function Centers with wireless connection, and the Philippines’ first LED and A3 printers. Internally, a promoter training program was established which helped greatly in growing the retail market business.


Brother is certified for ISO:9001