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A strong tradition of ethics and values across all offices
icon-global-leader Global leader in imaging technology and innovation
icon-employee Strong focus on employee well-being and happiness
icon-trend Opportunities for growth
icon-gift Attractive perks and benefits
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Employee Speak

It is been a year that I have been working in Brother International Philippines Inc. and it has proved to be the best experience for me. I was able to expand my knowledge, explore new things and develop myself personally and professionally.

Brother is a very nice place to work. Co-workers and superiors are all friendly and ready to provide support any time I need it. The company also provides various trainings to its employees that have been a great help to achieve our goals.
Garry Edmund Lingat
Garry Edmund Lingat
Solutions Assistant, Product Management Group
As a part of Global organization, Brother International Philippines Corporation gives me the opportunity to contribute my skills in logistics management. I was able to expand my knowledge and experience as we encounter our goal each passing day. A company that always motivates employee to strive to become a better individual and subordinate not only within the company but being a responsible citizen.
Hershey Panganiban
Logistics Assistant
From the very moment that I was hired here in BICP, I was very excited and curious when it comes to work environment. What I noticed, is that people here treated each other as family, the top management and co-associates help one another in the success of achieving not only with company’s goal when it comes to sales growth but also with individual career growth which is I believe the most important for a career starter like me.
Trisha Macariola
Trisha Macariola
Corporate & Government Sales Department
Before I became a Corporate Sales Executive, I was an Admin/HR Assistant for five months. I never expected that Brother will open its door for me and share great opportunities. The past seven months was a learning experience for me since I don’t have any sales background. Through the process of learning I discovered a lot of things in myself. Being able to present and talk to a large group of people. Representing Brother to different events. Meeting a lot of great and intelligent people in different fields of business and so on. Not only that, we treat each other as family and support one another to be good at their work. Growth, that’s what this company has.
Jazmin Paderes
Jazmin Paderes
Corporate & Government Sales Department
Being part of the Service Department for almost 5 months is something memorable to me. Not just because I’ve met new people but because I’ve learned a lot. With studying the troubleshooting, I must say that I am really not a techy person but with the help of my colleagues everything became much easier. And it wasn’t just about the new knowledge. The main benefits came from doing assignments, receiving individual feedback and interacting with the rest of the team.
Jane Estanol
Jane Estanol
Customer Service Representative
My time at Brother has been extremely rewarding. From day one, I felt like I was part of a bigger picture and soon realized that Brother treats its employees as equals and shows much appreciation for all the efforts of its people. It has also shown me a benchmark for what an organizations should strive for who takes pride in putting the customer first and foster a culture that emphasizes sense of responsibility.
Patrick Cornel
Patrick Cornel
Finance Department

Employee Perks

Gym Membership

Brother Associates enjoy a gym membership as the company's way of fostering work-life balance and a healthy lifestyle among employees.

In-house Yoga

Employees can relax and get fit at the same time with the free in-house Yoga sessions conducted by an expert trainer.

Health Talks

Health Seminars are also held to talk about health and wellness trends.Those that can be applied in the work place are also implemented.

Annual Physical Exam

The free Annual Physical Exam (APE) is a way to make sure that employees are in tiptop shape to work and are aware of the state of their health and body.

Dialogue with the President

The Brother management is always interested about each employee's concerns and welfare. The president, Mr. Glenn Hocson,personally discusses these matters with the employees over a scheduled lunch or dinner.

Dialogue with the New Hires

The Brother Philippines president sits down with new employees to share their goals and expectations in the company in an open discussion.