Scan to Email Server

Scan to Email Server

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Scan a document and send as an email attachment to other users from a Brother device.


Conveniently scan documents directly to recipients via email.

Easily scan documents to email without a PC. The Brother device communicates directly with a user's email server. Manually enter the recipient's email address directly at the machine's control panel.

To streamline the process, access recipient addresses stored in the machine's address book, or access the corporate address book via Active Directory or LDAP.

Use Case

Environments that benefit from configuring one Brother device as a shared resource to send scanned documents directly to an email server.

Supported File Formats

JPEG, TIFF, PDF (Multi & Single page formats), PDF/A, Secure PDF, Signed PDF, XPS.

Scan to Email Server requires POP3/SMTP or IMAP mail server support.

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