BRAdmin Professional 4 is a fleet management tool for network-connected Brother devices. This software 

  • monitors all your fleet information on a centralised platform, and 
  • shows the status and activity of all networked devices, including error status, remaining supply levels, page count, and more.

How does BRAdmin Profesional 4 benefit my business?

Easy Easy management of all machines and enhanced visibility with real-time updates
Secure Protect your fleet with secure access to machine settings and configuration
Reduce cost Reduce time and manpower costs with centralised control on a single platform
Free Zero-cost printer management software
Improves productivity Improves productivity with enhanced automation features

Industry applications of BRAdmin Professional 4



Easily monitor machine errors such consumables or parts replacement and configure all devices even when you are not physically present at the stores.



Generate device log for machine usage and receive real-time notifications of any issues that may arise to reduce downtime. Conveniently update machines that are deployed across different departments and clinics.



Track print usage of students and staff for better cost control. Set print page limits, printer functions availability, or colour print using Secure Function Lock through BRAdmin Professional 4.



Improved security using password access for printer configuration to avoid unauthorised personnel from extracting printer data and tamper with machine settings.


  • BRAdmin Professional 4 is a fleet management system that is free for download.

    This software allows you to:

    • Monitor your Brother devices easily
    • Configure and duplicate settings across all devices, and
    • Securely access all printer information.
  • BRAdmin Professional 4 is a useful fleet management tool which is used across industries by many businesses of different sizes. This tool gives IT administrators a view of all machine statuses within the company’s network on a single platform.

  • You can simply download the firmware from Brother Solutions Guide and set up the network IP addresses range for all your printing devices. BRAdmin Professional 4 is able to automatically detect all the printers in your fleet.

    For more information, download the user manual guide to find out more:

  • Most Brother devices are supported by BRAdmin Professional 4.
    Selected models* may have limited configuration and setting tools.

    *Selected models include but are not limited to
    Laser Printers: HL-1210W, DCP-1610W, MFC-1910W
    Refill Ink Tank Printers: MFC-T4500DW, MFC-T4000DW, DCP-T510W, DCP-T710DW, DCP-T810DW, MFC-T910DW
    Inkjet Printers: MFC-J2330DW, MFC-J2730DW, MFC-J3530DW, MFC-J3930DW

    • Device management
    • Settings configuration
    • Scheduling of tasks such as device notification and usage logs
    • Task monitoring and discover automation
    • Application setting for network and security
    • Instant task such as firmware updates, back up or resetting of devices
    • Configure passwords for individual users and limiting them to page limit, or colour printing
    • Easy settings duplication to new detected fleet and periodically restores original settings
  • BRAdmin Professional 4 only supports Windows operating systems. This software works best for Windows 7 and above.

    Want to be more efficient at work and get started on managing your fleet effortlessly?


Here's what you can learn in the brochure:

  1. How easy it is to set up BRAdmin on your Brother devices
  2. How BRAdmin helps to minimise downtime by automating real time notifications
  3. How BRAdmin can help you track your fleet usage and improve cost control

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