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Don’t worry about labels this Valentine’s Day with Brother labelers

11 February 2022
Product News

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner—and while many couples may be easily celebrating the yearly holiday of love, there might be some others who might be dealing with a bit of a complicated situation right now.

As we all know, labels are good. Everybody needs them, especially when you’re entering something new! Labels are really important so that what you’ve got is clear to everyone involved—whether it’s a gift for your significant other, your belongings at home, or even something as big as your relationship.

So, this Valentine’s Day, make sure your labels are straight with the following:

1. Your things

Living together or sharing a space with your SO? Boundaries are healthy for a relationship, so it’s best to clarify and classify what’s yours and what’s theirs at home, especially if there are some things you would rather not share. Other than that, you can also just go and label important things at home so everything’s organized and nobody has to fight over where stuff is.

2. Your Valentines gifts

While you’re organizing your things at home, take it a step further and label the gifts you’re giving each other. You don’t want to accidentally give your partner the wrong thing, do you?

3. Your relationship

The biggest thing you shouldn’t leave unlabeled on Valentine’s Day is, of course, your relationship. If the Day of Hearts comes rolling around and both of you still haven’t answered the all-important question of “what are we?” then… you should get on that quick. Nobody wants the disappointment of unmet expectations on such a special day!

So while you work on the label for your relationship this Valentine’s Day, for everything else that needs a real, physical label, you should go get a Brother labeler that gets the job done the way you want.


The P-Touch Cube series’ PT-P300BT and PT-P710BT portable labelers are stylish and sleek machines you can take anywhere, anytime you need it. They connect to your phone with the Brother Design&Print app via Bluetooth, so you can create the label design you like and print it in a pinch.

You can get the PT-P300BT and PT-P710BT online for an SRP of P5,040 and P9,040 respectively via Brother’s authorized dealer partners on Lazada and Shopee, or at any authorized resellers nationwide. Get yours now and take the plunge into labeling with Brother!