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Why it’s best to always get genuine inks and toners

01 April 2021
Product News

Where there are goods and consumables in a market, there will always follow counterfeit products. This is especially true for electronics, where it’s easy to find and get cheaper yet substandard things without even trying.


Although for practical Filipinos, it may seem incredibly tempting to go for fake products because of their more affordable price, using counterfeit consumables actually puts your electronics at risk for some major damage—and an even greater cost on your pocket for repairing or replacing them.


This is especially true for your printer, as non-genuine inks and toners have become more common. Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t turn to fake products:

  1. Non-genuine ink can corrode ink tubes in your machine

    The first major effect is that using non-genuine ink will corrode ink tubes in your printer. Simply put, non-genuine inks have different ingredients and chemicals as genuine inks, and they can damage the ink tubes, cause leakage, and affect printing quality.


  2. Non-genuine toners damage printer machinery

    Like non-genuine ink cartridges, counterfeit toners use grinded toner particles that end up wearing down your printer’s parts and damaging them—leading you to spend more in repairing it.


  3. Counterfeit products void your printer’s warranty

The worst risk of using non-genuine products is that they automatically void your printer’s warranty. Not only will you have to spend on printer repairs, but you’ll likely have to spend more than you were expecting because your repairs are no longer covered by warranty.


Even if you weren’t intending to buy non-genuine products, you might accidentally buy a product that looks genuine. That’s why you should always buy from authorized dealers—for Brother printers, you should only use genuine Brother supplies and consumables, which you can get from Brother Authorized Dealers nationwide.


And if you’re in doubt about the ink or toner that you’ve purchased, you can check if it’s genuine through the Brother Authenticity Checker at If you get the Not Authentic message, you may report it to Brother’s helpdesk line at (02) 8581-9898 or email or directly make a report at