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Have fun labeling with Brother’s Labeler Bundles!

06 March 2020
Product News

Level up your home and office organization skills by getting a handy new Brother P-Touch Labeler—complete with two free rolls of 12mm TZe tape to get you started!

Make your own exquisitely-crafted labels for both your home or office with the enhanced and easy-to-use design and printing capabilities of Brother’s P-Touch label printer line.

The budget-friendly Brother PT-D210 standalone label maker (P3,840), which can print on up to 12mm TZe tape, is a great place to start making your own labels. It comes with a wide variety of symbols and frames to decorate your labels with, and makes high-quality labels with auto-lamination for an affordable price.

The high-quality Brother PT-D400 label printer (P4,740) gets you more memory, with up to 50 slots for your most used labels, and more flexibility by being able to print up to three lines.

When you want the best performance, you can go for the Brother PT-D600 label printer (P7,240) with a full-color LCD screen, printing on up to 24mm TZe tape, faster print speed, and USB connection feature, letting you upload designs from your PC for more creative labels.

All P-Touch labelers are easily portable, running on both battery power and a charger, and pack a flexible QWERTY keyboard plus preview screen that can help you quickly create your designs.

It’s never too late to up your label game! Visit your nearest Brother store to get your own P-Touch Labeler with free TZe tape and start changing the way you organize things at home or in the office.