The First-Ever Features Seen on a Tube Printer

Twin-Engine Design

Twin Engine Design

Switch between printing tubes and labels effortlessly
without the need to replace attachment or re-insert supplies

Rechargeable Li-ion Battery

Attaching a Rechargeable Li-ion battery*
and battery base* makes it possible to print
anywhere without the need for a power source

*To be purchased separately

Tube Printing Features

Fast Print speed

Fast Print Speed

Achieve high print speed of up to
60mm/sec on labels and 40mm/sec on PVC tubes

Easy to use

Easy to Use

Equipped with a large LCD screen for easy
viewing of the content before sending for print

Changeable Parts

Chargeable Parts

Reduce downtime by replacing
worn-out parts yourself in a few simple steps

Tube Printer with Multiple Features Video


Brother’s PT-E850TKW Tube Printer

Professional Laminated Label

Professional Laminated Label

Brother’s TZe laminated tapes consist of six layers of materials, resulting in a thin and extremely strong label. Characters can be formed using thermal transfer ink that is sandwiched between two protective layers of PET (polyethylene film), which protect the text against the effects of liquids, abrasion, temperature, chemicals, and sunlight.

Click here to watch how laminated labels can withstand tough environments.

As TZe laminated labels have been tested to the extreme and can withstand tough conditions, professional quality labels have been designed to last.

Click here to see the durability test data for Brother’s TZe laminated labels.

Strong adhesive label is ideal for Panel labelling

Independent laboratory tests showed that Brother’s Strong adhesive (TZe-S series) laminated tapes can adhere three times better on average to rough surfaces than Brother’s TZe standard laminated tapes. TZe laminated label can cater to electricians and network infrastructure installers who require long-lasting labels. TZe Strong adhesive laminated label can be used on smooth, rough, textured and powder coated surfaces as follows:

Distribution board

Distribution board



Coated metal cabinets and panels

Coated metal cabinets and panels

Check our Label Printer solution here

Video showing how to use the Tube Printer in Multi-User interface



How to print on tubes with Brother’s Tube Printer

PC connection

PC connection

How to print on tubes and labels with Brother's
P-touch Editor software and Brother's Tube Printer

WiFi for Mobile devices

WiFi for Mobile devices

How to print on tubes with Brother's Pro
Label Tool mobile app and Brother's Tube Printer

Tips: How to print on Heat Shrink Tubes

Achieving optimal print results depends on the type of tube material and coating being used. It is necessary to adjust the print head settings to achieve the best possible print quality on heat shrink tubes. Brother has conducted internal testing, and the results are shown in the table below.

Heat shrink tube print result

HS table

How to setup

Go Tube Setting Page

Tube adjustment

Density +3

Density 3

Strong Pressure

Feeding pressure
Pressure Strong

Better Quality

Print Speed
Better Quality

Note: With better quality setting, it will
           tend to slow down the print speed.

Compatible Tube diameter Φ 2.5mm - Φ 6.5mm
Supported Tube type PVC
Maximum Print head 6mm
Print speed 40mm per second
Multiple line printing - up to 2 lines
Interface USB Keyboard, WiFi, USB
Tape type TZe, HSe (Heat Shrink tube), FLe (Flag Die-cut tape)
Maximum Tape width up to 36mm (TZe),
up to 31mm (HSe),
45mm x 21mm x 72pcs (FLe)
Print resolution 360dpi
Print speed 60mm per second
Cutter Auto Full and Half Cut
Multiple line printing - up to 17 lines
Label collection - available from Pro Label Tool templates
Interface USB Keyboard, WiFi, USB
Pro Label Tool mobile app - Yes
General Specification
Hardware dimension
(W x D x H) mm
338mm (W) x 188mm (D) x 151mm (H) 338mm (W) x 188mm (D) x 173mm (H) with keyboard
Hardware weight 3.9kg 4.6kg
Keyboard - Yes
Number of built-in symbols - 465
Package content
Tape cassette (bundled) TZe-261 36mm Black on White laminated tape (8m long)
Black ink ribbon (bundled) TR-100BK (100m long)
Tube cutter (bundled) PA-TC-001
Tube cleaner (bundled) PA-CL-001
Conveyance rollers (bundled) PA-RL-001, PA-RL-002, PA-RL-003
Power supply AD-9100ESA AC power adapter
Optional accessories
Rechargeable Li-ion battery PA-BT-4000LI
Battery base PA-BB-003

Accessories and Consumables


Tube cutter


Tube cleaner


PA-RL-001, PA-RL-002,
PA-RL-003 Conveyance rollers

TZe-261 C

TZe tapes


ink ribbon


PA-BT-4000LI Rechargeable
Li-ion battery, PT-BB-003 battery base

More information

Product Information


Click here to learn more about PT-E850TKW

User Manual

Grey User Manual

Click here for PT-E850TKW User manual

Label Printer


Click here to learn more on
Electrical and Network Infrastructure labelling


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