Copiers VS Printers: Debunking the myths.

Copiers VS Printers: Debunking the myths.

When it comes to printing solutions, is bigger truly better? In the recent years, we have seen a shift from large copiers to compact laser printers and multifunction centres as businesses embrace smaller decentralised departments and home offices. But aren’t copiers supposed to be more durable, cost-efficient, and offer greater functionality over desktop printers? Let’s explore these myths and discover how you can find the best printer for your evolving business needs.

Myth #1: Copiers are more cost-effective than desktop laser printers

While it used to be common knowledge that traditional copiers were more cost-effective due to their high-volume and low cost-per-page nature, the latest laser printers from Brother is set to change all that. This new breed of desktop laser printers is not only much more affordable than copiers to purchase or lease, but with higher yield toner replacements options available, they can also deliver significantly lower running costs in the long run.

Myth #2: Copiers offer more functionality for greater productivity

Many businesses are still using copiers for their functionality. This includes copying, printing, faxing and network connectivity. However, a broad range of Brother laser printers and Multifunction Centres come with advanced features such as wireless printing and scanning, NFC tap-to-print, mobile printing and scanning apps, Cloud printing capabilities, and many more to easily match or exceed the functions of a traditional copier.  All packed in a sleek, compact device that fits easily on your desktop.

Myth #3: Copiers are more durable & can print higher volumes

When compared to many desktop printers, copiers are considered to be more reliable and capable of handling higher print volumes. But this is a myth that’s readily busted by Brother’s laser printers. Backed by industry-leading reliability and award-winning support, these productivity workhorses can be equipped with a variety of accessories such as additional paper trays, a sorter, a tower tray, or even a finisher. This allows businesses to enjoy high-volume printing that rivals those of copiers with support up to 600,000 prints over 5 years!

Fact: Brother Laser Printing Solutions deliver

Businesses are constantly evolving, and Brother has been at the forefront of print innovation for over a hundred years. Backed by its dedication to world-class reliability and customer service, our range of laser printers and multifunction centres are trusted by large enterprises, SMBs, and home office owners globally to take their business to the next level.

Perhaps it’s time to ditch that old copier and find your next productivity workhorse? Find yours here.