Brother Philippines’ Brigada Eskwela:

Five Years of Making a Difference in Inigan Elementary School

Brother International Philippines Corporation has always stayed true to the Brother Group Global Charter that recognizes the organization’s role to be a good Corporate Citizen by sharing to and taking care of the communities where it operates. Thus, Brother Philippines is continuously active in pursuing corporate activities to fulfill its social duties. On May 27, 2017, Brother once again conducted its Brigada Eskwela program and visited the students of Inigan Elementary School in Montalban, Rizal to prepare them for the incoming school year.

For five years now, Brother Philippines has been supporting the school by donating school supplies and materials to its students, and equipment to the school to provide a better learning venue for the children. Located in a remote area and without access to electricity, the school needed all the support in can get. The company’s employees gamely volunteers each year since the program started in 2012, to personally give their donations of school materials to their respective sponsored students. In addition, a day filled with fun learning activities, and bonding moments between employees and students are enjoyed by everyone.

Brother Philippines, through this kind of activity, aims to carry out its part to contribute to society by helping nurture the future generations even in small ways. With this effort, the organization hopes that the students of Inigan will be provided with better learning conditions and a better future.